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Michael Cremer, born in 1957, is a Graduate Real Estate Economist (Diplom-Immobilienökonom – ADI), Architect (Dipl.-Ing., FH) and Interior Architect (Dipl.-Ing., FH) and Chartered Surveyor – RICS who can look back on more than 35 years of planning and building real estate as well as investing in and developing property projects.

Having worked at his own architect’s office for many years, Michael Cremer established CremerConsult GmbH. With CremerConsult, the focus of work extended from project development and project management in the fields of housing construction, refurbishment and rehabilitation to portfolio management, asset management, property management, programming workshops, project control, due diligence, mediation and consultancy services for portfolio acquisition.

His professional career has always been closely linked with development, control and consulting, which makes him a renowned specialist with general knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted real estate market.

2019 – today
Munitor Group, D-66111 Saarbrücken


2012 – 2019
Managing Director of Kristensen Properties GmbH, D-10623 Berlin

Retail and office – structured sales processes / purchasing office

2006 – 2012
Management of the Regensburg Branch, Head of Asset Management Office

Development and structuring of an office portfolio for pension funds
Structuring and process optimisation AM/PM/FM,
Reporting and controlling tools (for Kristensen Properties GmbH)

2002 – today
CremerConsult GmbH – Project control, project management

Due diligence, mediation, consultancy services for portfolio acquisition, project management, project control
(Munich Tria Campus, Roche Penzberg, Bank of Copenhagen, etc.)

2000 – 2002
Head of Office – Structuring, organisation, project control

in Regensburg (overall planning) – i.a. Riem-Arcaden (Munich)

1997 – today
Architekturbüro Cremer

Winner of competitions, projects i.a. in Hamburg, Greifswald, Zinnowitz/Usedom (focus on housing construction)

1989 – 1997
Head of Office – Structuring, organisation, data management

Competitions, project development, project management
Munich, Berlin, Schwerin (architect’s office / housing construction)

1982 – 1989
Planungsbüro Cremer – freelancer

Competitions, shop fitting, refurbishment, rehabilitation and reconstruction

2008 – today

Surveyor for the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

2009 – today

Block lectures at the Cooperative State University of Baden-Württemberg (ADI) in Munich and Stuttgart (Construction Physics, Construction Defects / Construction Damage)

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – Professional Chartered Member (MRICS)

International Professional Member (RIBA) – Royal Institute of British Architects (UK)

Architect Registration Board (ARB) in Großbritannien

Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Andalucia Oriental – C.O.A.A.O. – Andalusien / Spanien

Deutsche Architektenkammern (Bayern, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

AKS – Architektenkammer des Saarlandes



“We came to know Mr. Michael Cremer during the course of the purchase of several properties by Kristensen Properties GmbH and Kristensen Büroimmobilien GmbH & Co. KG. The value of the transactions amounted to between EUR 4.0 million and EUR 45.00 million. The transactions were supported by us at the legal and tax level and managed by Mr. Cremer.”

“The work with Mr. Cremer always proved to be very effective. On the basis of his technical and commercial expertise Mr. Cremer is able to quickly separate the important from the unimportant items in a transaction and to achieve acceptance of the material points during sale negotiations with the sellers. In this regard Mr. Cremer in general only uses our legal expertise in the scope necessary to bring the intentions of the parties into the required form.

On the basis of the experience and competence of Mr. Cremer it is possible for Kristensen – in contrast to other, frequently only English-speaking investors – to complete larger transactions (e.g. properties with up to 40 tenants) within a few weeks in a cost-conscious manner.

We would be pleased to also continue to work together with Mr. Cremer in the future.”


“Mr Michael Cremer was initially employed as mediator for a two-day workshop at management level within the scope of the valuation of a total takeover offer.”

“We were convinced by his professional quality and loyalty as well as his extensive expert knowledge in all real estate-economic and constructive-technical disciplines up until the complex judicial design of a total takeover contract.

In the subsequent programming workshops over several days, we got to know him as a consistent and target-oriented partner and consultant, whose impressive practical experience largely contributed to a balanced process of solution-finding (economic efficiency and design, optimisation and minimization of risks).

Mr. Michael Cremer supported (within the scope of Project Management) our establishment in a very successful manner – particularly the in-house department of facility management and project planning as well as Management (finance) – together with the law firm GSK, in the negotiation, build-up and design of a total takeover agreement for the new construction of an Office building (500 jobs) with casino (2850 meals per day) and computer centre for the location Penzberg (building volumes I. + II. phases of construction about. € 25 million).

We recommend Mr. Cremer as best we can and will gladly take advantage of his wealth of professional competence also in the future.”


“I have worked together with Mr. Cremer for many years in the context of the project development of a 20,000 m2 office building at the new Trade Centre in Munich – Riem, which was completed some weeks ago. Mr. Cremer was consultant in the management area ‘Project Controlling / Project Management Consultancy’.”

“He demonstrated professionalism and loyalty not only in initial dealings with the promoter, but also, and in particular, in numerous negotiations undertaken within the framework of the individual award. Mr. Cremer successfully managed to get the project through this difficult stage thanks to his strong social skills and a healthy dose of realism, and brought it to completion within the established deadline. He has excellent professional knowledge of the real estate business, which covers areas such as contract law, public and private building law, and building design and construction and is results oriented.

Our experience with Mr. Cremer is that he is a reliable and professional negotiating partner. He is also very familiar with the use of cutting-edge information and data processing technologies. Investors, banks, architects and planners have been as impressed as we have with Mr. Cremer as a highly competent interlocutor.”


“I am delighted to have the opportunity to provide you with my opinion of Mr. Michael Cremer, both as a person and with regard to his professional activity in the real estate / property market.”

“I have formed a relationship with Mr. Cremer in the course of a variety of engagements and areas in which he has been professionally involved on behalf of clients of our Firm.

In the course of mediation discussions, purchase negotiations for plots of land, construction award negotiations, expert reports, insolvency proceedings, disputes with contractors, official clarification proceedings, sales negotiations and contractual performance, Mr. Cremer has always shown a wide-ranging, generalist professional knowledge spanning project development through to property management consultancy and marketing.

He is a highly professional interlocutor whose business skills are displayed not only in matters of public and private building legislation, but also with regard to contract law, analysis and appraisals.

In disputes and strategy discussions his long and diverse practical experience allows him to contribute significantly to results, and he has proved himself able to provide clients with comprehensive, professional advice. He also stands out for his ethical, reasonable and equitable approach.”


»Since 2009, Mr. Michael Cremer MRICS has given, with great commitment and success at the Stuttgart and Munich locations, the exam-relevant block lectures on »Construction Physics« as well as »Construction Damage and Construction Defects« within the framework of the course of contact studies of Property Economy at ADI Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft GmbH (Academy at the Cooperative State University of Baden-Württemberg).«

»The detailed and periodical evaluation of our lecturers by the students always showed a continuously positive evaluation above average throughout the entire list of criteria:

  • Content of the lectures
  • Delivery of lectures / didactics / methodology
  • Relevance of the subject
  • Quality of the script
  • Evaluation of qualification

As a graduate architect (Dipl.-Ing.) and graduate real property economist (Diplom-Immobilienökonom – ADI) and as a long-standing division manager and branch manager of one of the major foreign fund initiators, Mr. Cremer profits from his highly diverse and extensive professional experience. It allows him, applying a free and vivid style of lecturing, to transport complex technical knowledge in a very comprehensible and descriptive manner and capture the students’ attention for hours. The consistent linking of complex engineering issues with practice-related examples allows the students to recall the contents in a qualified way even after a long time.

The lectures are also part of our in-house training concept.

We can highly recommend Mr. Cremer«


Since 2006, Mr. Michael Cremer, MRICS, has continuously been active with great success as a consultant in various contract- and order-related business components for Kristensen Properties A/S (Danish fund initiator / asset management company) having its principal seat in Aalborg and Copenhagen, represented in Germany by Kristensen Properties GmbH in Berlin, Regensburg and Bremen.

In particular the synergy of the fields of competence enhanced by the extremely high and also wide-spread qualification of Mr. Cremer is particularly beneficial to our company. As a Graduate Architect and Interior Designer, Graduate Real Property Economist and Chartered Surveyor, Mr. Cremer, exercising his managerial and role-model functions, manages to impart a team-oriented way of thinking to the staff members and colleagues of our company in the fields of competence of fund management, asset management, property management and technical facility management – for continuously improving productivity, communication, quality, reporting and economic optimization processes. Under his direction, tools of strategic importance were developed and successfully implemented and the daily work with benchmarks was introduced in asset management. Small-section direct marketing (letting processes) was considerably improved as well.

Since 2006/2007, Mr. Cremer has compiled, on our behalf, a portfolio of office buildings and service centres in West German medium-sized towns for a closed-end real property fund for a small group of institutional investors. In this connection, his tasks comprised independent identification of suitable properties, integrated accompanying and management of the purchasing process, conduct of negotiations and contract management as well as conclusion, as authorized agent, of the notarial contract of purchase and sale finally negotiated by him. After that, the acquired property had to be implemented into the internal asset management / property management / facility management and continuously managed in the interest of cash-flow stabilization and cash-flow increase together with the office team of the branch office Regensburg (also with staff responsibility there).

With his highly professional service performance, Mr. Cremer always managed to keep the results stable with a comparatively very high return on equity (very low leverage). Since 2008, the vacancy rate has always only been around 2% which, especially in times of financial crises, forms an extraordinarily low value for this class of investments.

Colleagues and staff members highly appreciate Mr. Cremer and readily entrust him especially with complex processes. Apart from his open-minded nature, reliability, efficiency, managerial qualities and safe output certainly form decisive factors.

Due to forthcoming major structural changes affecting the entire group of companies and therefore also Mr. Cremer’s fields of service, Mr. Cremer asked for the issue of this reference.

We hope we can continue to entrust Mr. Cremer with leadership functions and management tasks in our group of companies in the future.



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